01 April 18

Wreaths & Garlands

Front Door Wreaths And Lighted Garlands to Create A Grand Entrance to Your Home

Christmas Door Decorations

Battery Operated Wreaths and Garlands

Everyone will love you front door wreath along with a matching garland. Equipped with ultra-bright mini LED string lights, your greenery decor will stand out and shine bright. We offer a variety of visually stunning battery operated wreath and garlands, catered to fit every season.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath and Garland Hanging On Front Door
Red Magnolia Wreath and Garland Hanging Above Fireplace Mantle
Spotlight Icon

Ultra-Bright LED Lights

Beautiful and sparkles

Battery Icon

Battery Powered

Multi-functional and easy to operate

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Visually Stunning

The most realistic greenery

Pre Lit Wreath and Garlands

Ultra-Bright Super Mini™ Lights

These small LED wreath and garland lights pack more power than most other big bulb Christmas Lights. The spotlight halo emmits an ultra-bright and vivid beam of light that illuminates your wreath and garland decorations unline any other LED string lights that you've ever seen.

In addition to being the brightest, most powerful mini lights, the spotlight tip creates a twinkle effect that demands attention from anyone that passes by.

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Scarlet Hydrangea Wreath
Nun-Chuck Battery Pack

Battery Opperated Wreath and Garland

Battery Powered Lights with Remote Control Timer

Most battery opperated wreaths and garlands with lights slowly dim as they die. Our battery pack ensures your lights stay shining bright until the batteries lose power and turn off completely. Each battery pack is securly fastened to the frame of our holiday wreaths.

Additional battery packs can be purchased seperately, and stacked inline with existing battery packs to extend the duration of power to your wreath lights.

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Timer On - LED Indicator Light Blinks

On for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Lights will automatically turn on the next day at the same time.

Flashing - LED Indicator Flashes with Lights

Turns lights from solid light to flashing when on. Lights will stay on until you turn them off.

All On - LED Indicator is Steady On

The lights will stay on indefinitely until you turn them off.

Realistic Artificial Wreaths & Garlands

Don't Be Fooled, No Watering Required.

Our front door decor not only looks full and amazing, but last longer due to our hight quality materials with UV protection. Perfect for indoor or outdoor, have the look of a real, fresh wreath without the maintenence.

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Village Lighting Festive Wreath and garland on front door.

Tech Specs

Features of Our Wreaths And Garlands

  • 24 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 50 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 216 Tips

  • 30 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 50 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count:

  • 36 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 100 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 480 Tips

  • 48 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 200 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 700 Tips

  • 60 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 300 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 1014 Tips

  • 72 Inch - Wreath

    Light Count: 400 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 1200 Tips

  • 108 Inch - Garland

    Light Count: 100 Super Mini™ Lights
    Tip Count: Estimated 480 Tips

  • Durable Tips

    Made with artificial PE and PVC branches to give a life-like look and feel.

  • Shatterproof

    Ornaments are shatterproof and will last multiple seasons.

  • UV-Resistant

    Coated with a UV spray to ensure longevity and protect against the elements.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Professional greenery that works for indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.

  • 98% Energy Efficient

    Compared to incandescent. Based on .05A for LED and .17 for incandescent.

  • Nun-Chuck™ Battery Pack

    Multi-functional battery pack takes the work out of the wreath.

  • 5mm LED

    Our mini lights have a 5mm LED bulb that creates perfect lighting./p>

  • UL Listed

    Quality is a top priority so all lights are UL Listed and approved.