13 April 18

Projector Series™ Bulbs

Unique modern design - For the classic incandescent look that outshines the competition.

The Best Lights, Period.

Outshine the competition with Santa approved lighting.

Projector Series™ bulbs are the cutting edge innovation to the lighting world that everyone is going to be talking about. Our projector C7 and C9 bulbs feature a refractive lens that compliments a super bright surface mount device (SMD) LED, creating a unique look that everyone will ask about.

The projector lens specifically allows the brighter LED light to reflect off of smooth edges to give it the look of a classic incandescent filament. In addition to the brilliant look, the LED offers cost-saving benefits over the old school incandescent bulb.

  • Projector Lens Icon

    Perfect Refraction

    Lens design bends light

  • SMD Icon

    SMD 3528 Chip

    Compact, efficient, and bright

  • UV Protected Plastic Icon

    UV Protected Plastic

    Better than glass in every way

Blue Transparent C7 Light Bulb - Projector Series Bulb by Village Lighting

SMD LED Technology

With great power come great lights.

The SMD is a high intensity light emitting diode that is secured to a printed circuit board at the base of a bulb, providing extra durability.

The SMD propels a beam of light that the projector lens then compliments by refracting the light in such a way that you can have all the benefits of modern lighting technology without having to compromise the look and feel of a classic incandescent Christmas light.

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SMD LED Illustration and projector lens refraction illustration
Saving Money with LED Christmas Lights

Saving Money with LED

Lights that are easy on the eyes and your wallet.

The Projector Series™ light bulbs consume a fraction of the energy compared to regular incandescent bulbs, while visually relating to the incandescent light bulbs you are used to. The average C7 incandescent bulb uses approximately 5 watts of power while SMD LEDs only use 0.6 of a watt. For an average lighting project of 250 light bulbs, you will save over $130 on your electric bill when compared to an incandescent light's energy consumption.

These lights practially pay for themselves; make the switch today!

Color Done Right

Your home, your way.

Projector Series™ Christmas light bulbs give you that level of professional grade lighting you have always wanted on your home. Decorate your home with one of a kind modern technology mixed in with high-grade materials, without compromising the classic look.

With a wide variety of vivid colors, your dream home may be a reality this holiday season.

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Colored Projector Lens Bulbs in Snow

Why Make The Switch to Projector?

Value, proven reliability, and eye-popping results.

Village Lighting takes pride in our products, that's why we back them with a one-year warranty. Our lights will look as good on your home this year as they will for years to come. The projector Series™ lights have a 20,000-hour lifespan; Containing your excitement has never been harder!

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Colors, Styles, or Variety

Vivid and brilliant colors that amaze and dazzle all those who gaze upon them.


  • Winter White

    Winter White - 4300-4600k

    As white as it gets. Bring a chilly, wintery feel to your holiday.

  • Warm Clear

    Warm Clear - 3200-3500k

    Not as yellow as incandescent, but still warm and classic.

  • Champagne

    Champagne - 2000-2300k

    The closest shade to incandescent that we've ever seen.


  • Red


    Rich and vibrant, like that famous reindeer, what was his name again?

  • Amber


    Toasted orange color that is sure to make your neighbors jealous

  • Yellow


    Bright, pure and clean color just perfect for that special occasion.

  • Green


    Fresh cut grass and finely wrapped presents, this green looks great.

  • Blue


    Looking for something different? Our blue is spectacular to see in person.

  • Purple


    Most don't lean toward purple, but once you see it, it may just be your new favorite color.

  • Pink


    Support all things pretty in pink. Nobody can make you like pink like we can.


  • Multi

    Multi - RBYAG

    Why settle for just one color when you can have them all?

Tech Specs

Get to know more about the Village Lighting products you want.

  • ≤ 200 bulbs

    Connect up to 200 LED Lights together with one power source

  • C7 Bulb

    The globes of our C7 lighting measures 2cm wide x 3.5cm tall

  • C9 Bulb

    The globes of our C9 lighting measures 3cm wide x 5cm tall

  • Projector Diode

    Mimics the look and feel of incandescent bulbs while providing bright colors.

  • Shell Thickness

    Standard shell thickness for a transparent bulb is 1.1mm, ceramic solid.

  • SMD 3528 Chip

    C7 & C9 Projector Series™ bulbs have a SMD LED measuring 3.5mm x 2.8mm

  • UL Listed

    Quality is a top priority, so all lights are UL listed and approved

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our lights are for the professional, so they have to work for indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our lights with a one-year warranty.

  • 158% Energy Efficient

    Compared to incandescent. Based on .8w for LED and 5w for incandescent

  • 120v | 60Hz | 8w

    Standard string lights will require AC power input.

  • 20,000-hour Light Lifespan

    Based on seasonal use, 6hrs a day with proper electrical input.

  • Patent-Pending

    The Projector Series™ bulbs design is currently patent-pending.