Here are some of our frequently asked questions and our responses. Occasionally, our buyers have questions about either our products or our services and instead of sending us an email and waiting for a reply you can see if your question has already been answered.

If you don't see the answer to your question below, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


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Q: Can they be purchased as a stand a lone item? A: Yes, you can purchase the Nun-Chuck™ Battery Pack by itself or with light strands. However, the nun chuck can only be used with specific vlc lighting. Normal 110 products cannot be plugged into the packs. Q: What size / type battery does the Nun-Chuck™ use?

A: Our Nun-Chuck™ Battery Pack uses four DD Batteries.


Q: Is the Nun-Chuck™ rechargeable? Does it come with any batteries at all?

A: No, the Nun-Chuck™ battery pack is not rechagable and the batteries are not included with this item.


Q: Can the nun-chuks be re-used if the light fails?

A: Yes, the light strands simply twist off and can be replaced easily.


Q: Does it have to be your light or can it be any LED 100 count mini light?

A: The Nun-Chuck™ Battery Pack is only compatable with our battery pack light strands.



Q: There aren't any tip counts for the greenery?

A: Tip counts may vary slightly but here is our general count.

24": 216 tips   |   36": 480 tips   |   48": 700 tips   |   60": 1014 tips   |   72": 1200 tips


Q: Which do you like better, the unita or black forest?

A: Black forest is our #1 seller by far. 90% of our greenery sales are Black Forest and have been for a long, long time. Other styles come and go, but the Black Forest always continues to dominate.


Q: Which greenery set sells better? and in which sizes?

A: For residential use, the 30” wreath and two garland combo is the best. The next best for residential would be a 36” - 48” wreath for over the garage. For commercial use, the 48" - 60” wreaths are the most common.


Q: We dabbled into leasing our greener products last year. Do you have anyone who does this?

A: Leasing holiday products in general is on the rise a little more. The products hold up well, plus it gives the customer a chance to switch from year to year.


Q: What were they charging in their market?

A: We charge cost for the materials and the normal install price, that brings the cost close to the sell price.



Q: I was thinking about bring some wreath hangers into stock, Is your MSRP close to what people are selling it for?

A: The wreath and garlands hangers are typically sold for or a little under MSRP which may vary from style to style.


Q: How much do wreath hangers retail for?

A: It depends on the style wreath hanger your looking at. For details on specific wreath hangers feel free to contact us for information.