03 April 18

Wreath Hangers

Your Wreath Hanger Should be as Gorgeous as the Wreath it's Holding. Our Wreath Holder Quickly Installs and Adjusts to Fit Doors of Different Sizes and Style.

Beauty & Function

Elegant Solution to Hanging Your Wreath

The best Christmas door decorations start, well, at the front door. Hang your artificial wreath from your door with an adjustable wreath door hanger.

Our beautiful selection of exclusive wreath hangers are made of quality cast iron ensuring your wreath is safe and secure on your door. Effortlessly hang your wreath and create the grand entrance you've always wanted.

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    Durable Design

    Cast Iron Quality

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    Fully Adjustable

    For Perfect Wreath Placement

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    Doorway Ready

    Wreath Door Hanger

Village Lighting Elegant Wreath Hanger

Perfect For Every Season

A Wreath Hanger for All Four Seasons.

Hang a wreath and create a grand entrance for your guests all year long. Our variety of adjustable wreath hangers offer the perfect opportunity to enhance your favorite wreath no matter what time of year.

Village Lighting Wreath Hanger on door with scarlet hydrangea wreath

Winter Wreath Hangers

No snowflake is created the same, give your wreath it's own personal flury this winter season. Olaf would be so proud!

Village Lighting Wreath Hanger on door with scarlet hydrangea wreath

Summer Wreath Hangers

Winter's the best time to stay in cuddle, but put this in summer and it'll be a... happy wreath hanger!

Village Lighting Wreath Hanger on door with scarlet hydrangea wreath

Fall Wreath Hangers

The learves are changing and so should your wreath. Hang it with an everlasting, fall-inspired wreath hanger.

Adjustable Height Wreath Hanger Hook

Adjust The Height of Your Wreath

Subtle Sliding Hook for That Perfect Look

Hang your wreath differently this year and take your front door from zero to hero. Ensure your wreath is secure and positioned perfectly on your door. Fits large and small, live and artificial wreaths. Your door will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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Village Lighting Antler Wreath Hanger with Low Hanging Wreath

Hang It Low - 19 Inches

Dual arm wreath hangers allow you to position your wreath as low as 19" from the top of your door.

Village Lighting Antler Wreath Hanger with High Hanging Wreath

Hang It High - 13 Inches

The adjustable hook design, position your wreath as high as 13" (dual hook) or 5" (single hook) from the top of your door.

Village Lighting Elegant Wreath Hanger showing adjustable height for Wreath placement

Hang It Just Right - 5 - 19 Inches

No matter the wreath, no matter the season. Decorate your door perfectly from the top of your door.

Hows It Hanging

Designed with Protection In Mind

Typical wreath hangers cause damage to the top of doors. Our adjustable wreath hangers feature padded brackets at the door's contact points to prevent rubbing and scratching.

Sometimes, your door just needs it's personal space. Optional spacers are included to position your wreath hanger farther from your door. Many doors have a raised decorative moulding around glass features; these spacers give your door the space it needs to prevent damage to the mouldings and protect the glass.

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Close up of padded hook bracket on the Village Lighting Antler Wreath Hanger

Tech Specs

All You Need to Know About Wreath Hangers

  • ≤ 20 lbs

    Effortlessly holds seasonal greenery up to 20 lbs.

  • Max Door Thickness

    Wreath hanger brackets are designed to fit doors up to 2.25" thick.

  • Single Hook

    More traditional wreath hanger design and more discrete. Just as beautiful.

  • Heavy-Duty

    Wreath hangers are built from a durable, decorative cast iron.

  • Powder Coating

    Treated with a rust resistant coating to protect the metal from the elements.

  • Padded to Protect

    Rubber pads protect your door from dings and dents when in use.

  • Adjustable Hook Height

    Adjust the height of your wreath from the top of your door for the perfect placement.

  • Exclusive Design

    A huge variety of wreath hanger designs, made to fit every season and style.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our wreath hangers are for the serious decorator and work for indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We know you'll love them but we back our products with a one year warranty.