07 April 18

Universal Tree Topper Holder

The Perfect Christmas Tree Topper Stabilizer to Secure Those Unique Christmas Tree Toppers Like Never Before.

Christmas Tree Topper Holder

How to Get Your Christmas Tree Topper to Stay On

Christmas tree toppers are the most memorable part of decorating a tree. For most, the tree topper is a family heirloom. Our tree topper support rod prevents your angel tree topper from falling and shattering.

Whether your tree topper base is a post, spiral, clamp, or cone the Universal Tree Topper Holder is the best way to anchor your Christmas tree toppers. The unique spiral design twists around the top of your tree trunk, creating a strong support for even the heaviest of tree toppers.

  • Spiral Icon

    Spiral Design

    Screws onto your tree

  • Tree Icon

    LIve & Artificial

    Christmas trees

  • 90 degree angle icon 90°

    Perfectly Straight

    Tree toppers

Village Lighting Christmas Tree Topper Holder
twisting on the tree topper holder

Up to 1.25" Christmas Tree Trunk Diameter

Fits Tree Trunks Up to 1.25 Inches In Diameter

The patent-pending design of the spiral base is made from durable metal with a protective coating. Attach the tree topper holder by rotating down the tree trunk and around branches to create a sturdy Christmas tree topper stabilizer.

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Perfectly Straight

Adjustable Pivot Point to Level Your Tree Topper

A well-supported and straight tree topper is essential to prevent falling or leaning. The Universal TreeTopper Holder™ has a sturdy pivot point that allows you to adjust your tree topper, ensuring it stands straight up.

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adjustable top on tree topper holder for leveling christmas tree topper
Red Star Tree Topper with Spring Base / Spiral Base

How to Put On A Tree Topper With Spiral Base

Secure Your Spring Base Star Tree Topper

The "arrow-tip" attachment is perfect for any star tree topper with a spring base. The attachment slides into your spiral / spring base tree topper to keep it straight and level.

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Clip Base Tree Toppers

How to Keep The Star On The Christmas Tree

The "post" attachment works great with your clip base tree topper. The attachment serves as a sturdy post for the clip-on tree topper to clamp onto.

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Brown Tan Gold Star Tree Topper with clip Base

Santa And Angel Tree Topper

Attachments to Fit Your Post or Conical Base Tree Toppers

For toppers with a large hollow inside (conical base or cone base), such as this santa tree topper, use a combination of attachments (the "arrow-tip" and the "post") to create a tall and stable Christmas tree topper stabilizer.

Some Angel tree toppers have a post/pole base that are very difficult to attach. Our Universal tree topper holder fits these pole bases without using any of the included attachents. Insert the pole base of the tree topper into the female end of the Christmas tree topper support rod, and you're all set.

Santa Tree Topper
Angel Tree Topper
Finial Tree Topper

Finial Tree Topper Holder

How to Make Your Finial Tree Topper Stand Straight

Figuring out how to anchor a Christmas tree topper is hard enough, a finial tree topper is no exception. Finial tree toppers are fragile and typically are not placed securely on top of your tree.

The "extension rod" attachment is designed specifically to fit inside of finial tree toppers. the extension rod is long enough to reach the top of your finial tree topper, giving you the support needed.

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Tech Specs

Learn all there is to know about the twist-on Universal TreeTopper™ Holder.

  • Invisible Green

    Colored to match the color of a Christmas tree and stay discrete.

  • Fits Trunks 1.25" in Diameter

    Christmas tree trunk maximum diameter cannot exceed 1.25".

  • Product Measurements

    Base: 10.25" x 1.5"
    Post: 3.5" x 0.75"
    Extension Rod: 5" x 0.27"
    Arrow Tip: 3" x 1.25"

  • Heavy-Duty

    Built from a durable and lightweight plastic and aluminum.

  • 90-Degree Toppers

    Pivots and adjusts for a perfectly straight tree topper every time.

  • Patent-Pending

    This products design or utility is currently patent-pending.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year manufacturer warranty.