04 April 18

Door Saver™

Prevent Dents and Scratches on Your Door Caused by Decorative Wreaths

Door Protecting Wreath Pad

Hang Your Wreath, Protect Your Door.

Village Lighting's Door Saver™ pad is a fashionable way to protect your door from being damaged by your wreath. Whether you use a real or artificial wreath, you have experienced how they wear down the paint and structure, on any surface behind your wreath, including your door, fireplace and above the garage.

The exquisite sewn-in snowflake pattern complements your wreath while easily allowing your wreath hanger open access to the frame.

Prevent Scratches  with this Door Preventing Wreath Pad
Padded to Protect Icon

Padded to Protect

Soft Fabric

Form Fitting Icon

Form-Fitting Ties

Strong Cords for Security

Snowflake / Decorative Design Icon


Beautiful Snowflake Embroidery

Installing the Door Protecting Wreath Pad onto a Wreath

Easy to Install

Twist-To-Tie Fit

The Door Saver™ fits directly to the back frame of your wreath, using the twist ties at the two attachment points. Wreath hanger hooks conveniently fit through one of the access slots insuring that your wreath can fit on any decorative wreath hanger.

When not in use, the Door Saver™ quickly collapses for easy storage. Alternatively, you may keep it attached when storing your wreath.

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Size Matters

Fits Most 24" to 30" Wreaths

The Door Saver™ was designed to fit the most common front door wreath sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 30 inches.

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Door Saver Door Protector on door by itself, and attached to a wreath that is hung on the door

Tech Specs

The Specifics - Everything you need to know about the Door Saver™ Scrath Prevention Pad.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Fits most 24 to 30 inch wreaths that have 14 to 24 inch frame sizes

  • Product Measurements

    Outer Diameter: 21.25"
    Inner Diameter: 14.5"

  • Multi-Hook Slot

    Several slots for wreath hanger hooks to fit through the pad for ultimate utility.

  • Heavy-Duty

    Easy molded iron wire covered by decorative polyester cords

  • Padded to Protect

    Polyester coated foam with embroidered stitching.

  • Patent-Pending

    This products design or utility is currently patent-pending.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty. We know you're going to love it!