C9 (E17 Base) Wire Stringer

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C9 (E17 Base) Wire Stringer

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  • Length: 120ft. with 12" spacing between sockets
  • Sockets for use with bulbs having an E17 Base
  • Wire color available in green, white, or beige
  • Perfect for home rooflines, trees, and bushes
  • Water-draining holes keep your sockets dry
  • Ergonomic design makes installation much faster
  • Duckbill style clip secures your lights better
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • SPT-1 Insulated 18 AWG wire

Customer Service

A Revolutionary Light Socket

Hang Holiday Lights Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before

Christmas lighting 101 starts with your home's roofline. Our duckbill clip design will make installing your Christmas lights easier than ever with simple to use sockets that slide on your roofline in a flash. No more wasted time or having to agonize putting up your Christmas lights.

  • Water Draining holes

    Water Draining Holes

    Keeps your sockets dry

  • Duck

    Duckbill Clip

    Slides in easy and stays secured

Innovative Light Bulb Socket with easy-install duckbill clip

Time Saving Duckbill Clip

No Animals were harmed in the making of this socket.

The clip of a traditional Christmas light socket must be separated from the socket using your fingers in order to attach socket's to your roofline. The pressure on your cold fingers result in pain and stress during the holidays. The new duck bill design eliminates this motion by allowing you to simply press the socket into place.

The one of a kind easy tap on design means you no longer have to take your gloves off when hanging Christmas lights. The comfort of using the new duckbill clip alone will make you never want to use another kind of socket again.

Innovative Light Bulb Socket with easy-install duckbill clip that does not require lifting the clip to hook onto soffit.

Water Draining Socket

Don't Short Circuit Your Lights.

Water in Christmas light sockets can lead to short-circuiting and constant maintenance, decreasing the life-span of your Christmas Lights. Each socket is designed to allow water to drain out, preventing this issue.

Light Bulb Socket with water draining holes

Tech Specs

The nuts and bolts of the wire that revolutionized how we hang Christmas lights

  • Socket Sizes

    Wiring is available with either E12 or E17 socket sizes.

  • Wire Lengths

    Available in 120 ft. length stringers, or 1000 ft. length spools.

  • Color Options

    Our wire is offered in both green and white colors.

  • 20' Lead

    20 ft. lead wire, with 100 ft. of 100 sockets.

  • 12 Inch Spacing

    There is 12" of spacing between each sockets on the wire strand.

  • UL Listed

    Quality is a top priority so our wire is UL listed and approved.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our lights are for professionals, so they work for indoor and outdoor.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.

  • 120 V | 18AWG | SPT-1

    Standard wiring will require AC Power Input.