C7 (E12 Base) Wire Stringer

Product Sku: V-10150-C3

items left : 190

items left : 190

  • Length: 120ft. with 12" spacing between sockets
  • Sockets for use with bulbs having an E12 Base
  • Wire color available in green, white, or beige
  • Perfect for home rooflines, trees, and bushes
  • Water-draining holes keep your sockets dry
  • Ergonomic design makes installation much faster
  • Duckbill style clip secures your lights better
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • SPT-1 Insulated 18 AWG wire

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Save your fingers with the re-designed Super C3™ Wire & Sockets. Slipping the sockets under a soffit and fascia has never been easier or faster!