03 September 18

How To Pair The Bulbs

Install your bulbs Your bulbs come pre-programmed with 6 channels. When installing your bulbs, start with channel 1 and continue in order to channel 6. Continue this process until your light strand is complete. Refer to the colored rings at the base of the bulb to determine which channel is which, based on the color of the ring.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN - It’s possible to over tighten the bulbs, which may loosen the socket from the wire and causing connection issues. Screw in the bulbs until tight, but don’t go further.

The default colors for each channel are as below:
  • Channel 1 - Red
  • Channel 2 - Green
  • Channel 3 - Warm Clear
  • Channel 4 - Amber
  • Channel 5 - Blue
  • Channel 6 - Yellow

Connect your light strand into a paired switch or directly into the bottom of the controller.

NOTE: Make sure your bulbs are within 25 ft. of the controller when doing this process.

Choose your controller Select your paired controller in the main menu. Select manage devices In the main controller settings, select the "Manage Devices" option. Next, locate and select "Pair Devices". Pairing Process Complete Congrats! You have successfully paired your bulbs to your controller.

NOTE: If any bulbs remain red, please pair again.


CHECK THE BULBS - After you hang your bulbs but before you set the first color change with the controller. If there’s a malfunction with one of the bulbs, it’s easiest to swap it out when you can easily see what channel color it should be based on the neighboring bulb colors.

NOTE: If you’ve already changed the colors of all the bulbs, create a new theme using 6 different colors, one for each channel and update.

BULB COLOR NOT UPDATING - If you change the color of your bulbs but none update, try the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure your bulbs are correctly paired.
  • Connect the problem bulbs on there own, dedicated strand and plug them directly into the controller. This may help identify your problem or solve your problem completely.
  • Make sure the colors your attempting to change are the same channel as the bulbs not receiving the signal.

    Example: You may be changing a channel 2 bulb to red but the bulbs plugged in are actually channel 5. You will not see any color change if this is the situation.

NOTE: If you are updating a bulbs color and the bulbs are being used on a switch, make sure the switch is correctly paired.

NOTE: When updating colors, see if the bulbs are turning on/off. Bulbs only receive the signal to change color in the 1-2 seconds after the bulbs turn on.