13 September 17

How To Set A Simple Schedule

Choose your controller Select your paired controller in the main menu. Turn on light schedule Be sure to turn on the 'Set Light Schedule' setting by moving the slider bar to the 'On' position. Select edit schedule In the main controller settings, select the "Edit Schedule" option. Choose schedule type Under the "Choose Schedule Type" text, move the slider bar into the left position. This will turn on the simple schedule setting.

Proceed by selecting "Edit Simple Schedule". Build your schedule Select the days of the week you would like your lights to turn on.

Select a "Time Lights Turn On" time and a "Time Lights Turn Off" time. You can turn on the Photocell feature which will detect when the sun has set and your lights will automatically turn on at this time.

Lastly, choose your color theme and select "Save Schedule" to complete your setup. Update Controller Return to the controller main menu and select the 'Update Controller' button to activate all new changes in settings.


SCHEDULED TIME - When setting a time for your schedule, make sure to set the time no more than 10 minutes from the current time to avoid any issues.