06 October 17

General Troubleshooting

Controller Troubleshooting CONNECTION ISSUES? - If you're having difficulties re-connecting to the controller after it is set up, try the below steps to fix the problem.

1. Turn off phone Bluetooth, then back on. Unplug the controller, then plug it back in. Then, try connecting again.

2. Restart your iPhone, unplug the controller, then plug it back in. Then, try connecting again.

3. Close down the Light Stream™ app, reopen the app and set up the controller again by scanning the QR code. Then, name the controller.

Switch Troubleshooting PAIR SWITCH - Be sure to pair every switch with a controller before installing.

SWITCH NOT RECEIVING SIGNAL - Make sure the switch is within 75ft. of the controller, or else it may be out of range.

Bulbs TroubleshootingPRESET CHANNELS - Each box of bulbs comes with 6 preset channels. Remember to insert the bulbs into the wire in the correct order of channel, from channel 1 through channel 6. Plug in the wire to ensure the correct order, based on the default colors per channel.

The default colors for each channel are as below:
  • Channel 1 - Red
  • Channel 2 - Green
  • Channel 3 - Warm Clear
  • Channel 4 - Amber
  • Channel 5 - Blue
  • Channel 6 - Yellow

PAIR BULBS - Remember to pair bulbs to the controller. If you don't the bulbs will still turn on/off, but they will not change colors when the signal is sent

CHECK THE BULBS - After you hang your bulbs but before you set the first color change with the controller. If there’s a malfunction with one of the bulbs, it’s easiest to swap it out when you can easily see what channel color it should be based on the neighboring bulb colors.

NOTE: If you’ve already changed the colors of all the bulbs, create a new theme using 6 different colors, one for each channel and update.

FLASHING BULBS - Flashing bulbs occur when the bulbs are not assigned to an active bulb channel. If this is happening to you, please plug in the unassigned bulbs and repeat the above steps to assign these bulbs to an active channel.

BULBS COLOR NOT UPDATING - If you change the color of your bulbs but none update, try the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure your bulbs are correctly paired.
  • Connect the problem bulbs on there own, dedicated strand and plug them directly into the controller. This may help identify your problem or solve your problem completely.
  • Make sure the colors your attempting to change are the same channel as the bulbs not receiving the signal.

    Example: You may be changing a channel 2 bulb to red but the bulbs plugged in are actually channel 5. You will not see any color change if this is the situation.
NOTE: If you are updating a bulbs color and the bulbs are being used on a switch, make sure the switch is correctly paired.

NOTE: When updating colors, see if the bulbs are turning on/off. Bulbs only receive the signal to change color in the 1-2 seconds after the bulbs turn on.

RANDOM BULBS NOT UPDATING - Because each bulb seperately depend on a wireless signal from the controller to change and update, occasionally bulbs may interfere with each other's signal. Please do another update on the controller to correct the problem.

If the problem persists, that could mean that the bulbs are too far from the controller, and you may want to add a second controller at a different location that is closer to those bulbs.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN - Due to the shape of the Light Stream bulbs, it is possible to over tighten the bulbs which can loosen the socket from the wire causing connection issues. Screw in until tight, and light turns on, but don't go further.

App Troubleshooting CONTROLLER SETTINGS NOT UPDATING - The app does not kick you out of the controller page if the phone loses the Bluetooth connection. If you are not seeing any response from the controller, exit the controller page and reestablish a Bluetooth connection from the app's home page.

SCHEDULED TIME - When setting a time for your schedule, make sure to set the time no more than 10 minutes from the current time and the lights are on before you turn on the schedule to avoid any issues.

CONTROLLER CONNECTION ISSUES - Try the following steps:

  • Turn off the phone's Bluetooth, and turn back on. Unplug controller, and plug controller back in.
  • Restart the phone. Unplug controller, and plug controller back in.
WHERE ARE CONTROLLER SETTINGS STORED? - Controller settings are NOT stored on the Light Stream™ Controller, they are stored on your iPhone.

If your setting up the Light Stream™ System for someone else, all of the setting you make during setup will NOT transfer to the homeowners iPhone.

You must help them setup the Light Stream™ System on there iPhone or simply use there phone for the initial setup to avoid this issue.